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Cruise & Diaz are enjoyable

Knight and Day (PG-13)
Starring: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard

This year moviegoers have seen a few films with eerily similar plots. A handsome and charming super spy is on a mission when he crosses paths with a naive, innocent, and beautiful women. The girl creates a few speed bumps in the super spy’s plans  but ultimately (*SPOILER ALERT*) everything turns out fine, our super spy wins, and the two fall in love and live happily ever after.

“Knight and Day” doesn’t stray to far from this outline. This time Tom Cruise play Roy Miller, the super spy, and Cameron Diaz plays June Havens, the girl. Miller is on a mission to protect a genius whiz kid and new invention which, in the wrong hands, could make a lot of people very dead.

Roy bumps into June at the Wichita airport and they happen to be on the same plane to Boston. After a few attacks on their lives and the plane crashes Roy gives June some advice on how to survive the next few days: 1. If people in suits try to get in a car, run. 2. If they use words like “safe” or “secure,” they’re going to kill you, so run. 3. Don’t answer the phone.

The two have to work together to survive  and defeat the bad guys. They travel to 3 continents, Diaz gets drugged several times, and Cruise goes shirtless way too much. But in the end, (*SPOILER ALERT*) everything turns out fine, our super spy wins, and the two fun in love and live happily ever after.

I didn’t go into “Knight and Day” expecting a great piece of cinema and can’t say I’m too disappointed with the outcome. I had a decent time and enjoyed a few laughs. Diaz is cute, funny, and likable. In every film she’s in I leave just wishing I could be her friend.

Tom Cruise was, well, he’s Tom Cruise. While I don’t care for the media hyped kinda crazy real-life Tom Cruise, the movie star on film Tom Cruise is pretty decent. My one major qualm is that while pushing 50 he’s not exactly in Ethan Hunt “Mission: Impossible” form anymore. There was an action sequence here and there that reminded me of the old Cruise but overall I was left underwhelmed. And like I said before, while he looks great for a 48-year-old his body isn’t in its prime and he can keep the shirt on.

“Knight and Day” is incredibly average. It has some problems but it has some good points too. I wouldn’t rush out to the theaters to see it. I’d wait and Netflix/redbox/DVR  it. It’s worth a watch but not the cost of a movie ticket.

JUST FOR FUN: watch this and make sure your volume is turned up



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