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Jude Law steals hearts (and other vital organs)

Welcome to the future.

The new sci-fi thriller “Repo Men” gives audiences a peek into the year 2025. In this time, a company called The Union has perfected breakthrough technology for creating artificial organs and limbs which help people extend their lives. The downside of these miracle medical body parts is the cost. They are extremely expensive, and when the client can’t pay their bill, The Union sends one of their repo men out to collect (without any concern for the organ’s host).

Jude Law stars as Remy, The Union’s best repo man. That is, until he has an accident while on the job and finds himself in need of a new heart. Remy is back on the job in no time, but it seems when they installed the faux organ they slipped in a real conscience, free of charge. Now Remy’s heart just isn’t into repossessing anymore.

Without his job, Remy has no way of paying his mounting medical bills and soon finds himself on the other side of repo-ing. The Union sends out Remy’s ex-partner and best friend Jake (Forest Whitaker) to collect. Remy is on the run; he soon joins another debtor, Beth (Alice Braga), and together they try and find a way to break out of The Union’s system.

“Repo Men” is extremely violent, incredibly bloody and surprisingly entertaining. Now, you may not think “action hero” when you hear the name Jude Law, but he pulls it off, and Forest Whitaker also gives a well-acted performance. Liev Schreiber stars as Remy’s boss and he is so funny and charming that you forgive his character for being a soulless bastard.

The film starts strong with lots of action and engaging plot setup. Unfortunately, the middle of the movie gets a bit boring with an unnecessary storyline about Remy and Beth falling in love. But the end picks back up with plenty of blood and guts (and an especially awesome hallway fight scene that includes hammers and a hacksaw), and doesn’t let go until the twist ending (which is pretty decent).

“Repo Men” isn’t perfect. The love story doesn’t work and anyone who is really squeamish will probably watch most of the film through their fingers. But overall it’s enjoyable, and good for a fun time at the movies.



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