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Eat. Pray. Love. Snooze.

I was dragged off to see the latest Julia Roberts chick flick this week and it was just what I expected, only more boring.

Roberts stars as Liz Gilbert, a NY writer who loses her zest for life after her divorce. She decides to spend a year traveling to Italy, India, and Bali in the hopes of finding her self and her happiness again.

Everything about this movie was just … blah. Nothing bad but nothing good either. Roberts is fine. She’s a dependable actress and this script does nothing to push her to be anything more than mediocre.

The pacing of the film was the worst part. Everything, EVERYTHING, dragged on. From  her divorce, to a fling with a younger man (James Franco), to a Thanksgiving dinner in Rome, to praying to an Indian guru, to finding her new love (Javier Bardem) in Bali. It was slow and drawn out and never-ending.

One positive thing about this movie was the cinematography. This was a beautiful movie full of bright, vivid colors and a pizza in Naples that had me drooling.

Eat Pray Love” is a fine movie for some people, just not me.



2 thoughts on “Eat. Pray. Love. Snooze.

  1. well stay tuned–I’m going to take readers on my adventured through europe in a similar vein that I think you’ll like. .I didn’t care for Eat, Pray, Love either!

    Posted by chefgabe | August 21, 2010, 10:56 pm


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