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“Inception” lives up to its own hype

I was finally dragged to see summer’s biggest  blockbuster “Inception” the other day and was pleasently surprised. It looked okay but I thought I’d wait and rent it because of all the comparisons to “The Matrix,” which I hated.

If you don’t know what it’s about I’ll try and explain it. Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are Cobb and Arthur, a pair of theifs who go into peoples dreams and steal information. They are hired by Saito (Ken Watanabe) but not to steal an idea but to plant one in the mind of Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy). The only problem is the threat of Cobb’s own bad dreams creeping in and sabatoging the entire plan in the form of his deceased wife Mal (Marion Cotillard). (If your confused watch this video and maybe it will help explain things.)

I expected this movie to be all effects. Because most of the film is spent in dream states anything can and does happen. Watching the movie was at times like staring at your favorite M. C. Escher drawing. You just get lost in the improbable and impossible world. My favorite scenes are when Cobb first meets Ellen Page‘s character Ariadne and they enter her dream. When she learns that she can manipulate the world she turns roads into bridges, sky into mirrored doors, and then turns the world upside down on top of itself and walks “up” the street literally.

What I was most surpised by was the depth of story and character development. Typically those things are sacrificed for the effects. But I should have known that I was going to a Christopher Nolan film and not a Michael Bay film. “Inception” is dark but still funny and about a man (Cobb) batteling his own inner demons. Very similar to Nolan’s last film “The Dark Knight.”

All in all I really enjoyed the film and am grateful to my friend for making me go and see it. The storyline is kinda complex, especially when you get inside the dream inside the dream inside the dream. But, if you can make it past the first 20 minutes you’ll be fine. And I suggest going to the bathroom before it starts and skipping the soda all together. With a runtime over 2 hours you don’t want to have to take a bathroom break because you’ll miss some key moment and be lost forever.



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