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The Beauty of the Midnight Showing

I love going to the movie theater. As comfy and convenient as it is to slip in a DVD in my PJ’s, there is a magic to watching a movie on the big screen with an audience that can’t be duplicated at home. And even better than a simple trip to the local cinema, there is the midnight showing.

Going to a midnight screening, and more recently a 3am screening, is an experience in itself. It is an event I try and take advantage of every chance I get. (Most recently HP7: Part 1)

One reason to see a movie at midnight is because you get to be first. Like any movie nerd, when a movie I really like is coming out, I count down the days. I can’t wait for it. 12:01 on a Thursday night (Friday morning technically), going to a midnight screening is the first chance to see it. You feel like you’re getting a special opportunity. A chance to watch this piece of film before anyone else. Everyone wants to be the first and the midnight screening lets you be that.

But the bigger reason to go at midnight is because of the audience. It is a shared experience. I love watching a movie with lots of other people because it becomes an event. For instance, going to Mamma Mia and everyone singing Dancing Queen at the top of their lungs. Or cheering as the Kung-Fu Panda 2 trailer starts. Or my personal favorite, at the end of Twilight: New Moon, after Edward purposes, everyone laughs while one man stands up and just shouts, “Really?!” and more laughter continues. There’s a comradery.

Only real fans put in the energy to go to a midnight screening and it’s a chance to feel that you’re not alone. Everyone is a movie nerd.



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