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Oscar Nomination Reactions

Academy Award Winner

Image by Dave_B_ via Flic

Nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards have been announced! There weren’t many surprises but I had some hopes. All my faves made it in luckily.

Best Actor

Franco, Firth, and Eisenberg are were expected. I’m not surprised Bridges was nominated really, but I think there were other actors more deserving. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dude but after his win for “Crazy Heart” last year, and the fact that “True Grit” really wasn’t that great, I was hoping that spot would go to someone else. I’m super happy Bardem was nominated. I haven’t seen the film but I just love that a performance from a foreign language film got a nom in the big 5 (Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Picture).

I really thought that Paul Giamatti would have been nominated, especially after his Golden Globe win. Also because the academy loves to award actors for previous overlooks and people are still seething over “Sideways.” Mark Wahlberg was overlooked but I wouldn’t have included him either. A lot of people were surprised Ryan Gosling didn’t get nominated since Michelle Williams did; I wasn’t surprised but was a little sad. My long-shot hope was Ben Affleck for “The Town.”

My 5:

Best Actress

Absolutely NO surprises here. I wouldn’t have included Bening or Kidman. I think that Hailee Steinfeld should have been included here and not supporting actress. My long-shot hope was Emma Stone for “Easy A.”

My 5:

Best Supporting Actor 

Whenever Bale is in anything it instantly gets nominated … for EVERYTHING. He’s a good actor and disappears into his characters so I get the accolades. Rush is no surprise. I’m happy for Renner and Ruffalo but the big surprise is Hawkes. I love the out-of-nowhere nominations. I think Andrew Garfield should be on the list because “The Social Network” was an amazing film and Garfield was the perfect counterpart to Eisenberg. And my long shot was Justin Timberlake for the same film.

My 5:

Best Supporting Actress 

It was a good year for supporting actresses. I’m not unhappy about anyone on this list (except maybe Weaver, but only because I’ve never heard of her or the movie). And, as I said earlier, I would have moved Steinfeld out of the supporting category. It is an atrocity that Mila Kunis didn’t get nominated for “Black Swan.”

My 5:

Best Picture

I haven’t decided if I like the whole ten pictures nominated thing. There are certainly ten movies worthy of getting nominated but isn’t the point of the Oscars to shovel praise on the best of the best. Only one can win anyway (unless there’s a tie, which never happens) so why not narrow it down to five from the start.

Anyway, this list isn’t a huge surprise. It’s not what I would have picked. “Inception” was good, but it was an effects movie and I don’t understand the academy’s love affair with “The Kids Are All Right.” It started good but fell into a really cliche storyline. I’m also over the Cohen Brothers. They make good films, but like Bale, they shouldn’t instantly get a nom just because they attach their names.

My 10:



2 thoughts on “Oscar Nomination Reactions

  1. I too was outraged in regards Hailee Steinfeld’s nomination. She did such an extraordinary job playing her character, despite the limitations of her age, and deserves a slot for Best Actress. I should have known this would happen by now. The Academy hasn’t made a good decision since they blocked my film, “100 Days of Bob Saget’s Ass”, from being nominated. Even the MTV Movie Awards could do a better job.

    Posted by Richard William Hardin Jr. | February 6, 2011, 11:53 pm
  2. “100 Days of Bob Saget’s Ass” sounds fascinating. I wish I had a chance to see it. It seems like a film I could really get behind.

    Posted by scooby12353 | February 7, 2011, 12:15 am

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