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2011 Oscar Predictions!!!

Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

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The Oscars are tonight!!!

Oscar day is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a holiday for me. I do nothing but watch E!’s day long pre-show and change my mind about a million times about whose going to win and hope for some MAJOR upsets.

Here are my predictions…

Leading Actor

Will Win: Colin Firth

Should Win: Colin Firth

Major Upset Win: Jesse Eisenberg

Dark Horse: Javier Bardem

Should Not Win: Jeff Bridges (I love The Dude but this was not his finest work)

Honor to be Nominated Win: James Franco

Not Nominated but Should Still Win: Ryan Gosling for Blue Valentine

Leading Actress

Will Win: Natalie Portman

Should Win: Michelle Williams

Major Upset Win: Jennifer Lawrence

Dark Horse:Nicole Kidman

Should Not Win: Annette Bening (She was fine but this movie does not deserve all the praise it’s getting)

Honor to be Nominated Win: Nicole Kidman

Not Nominated but Should Still Win: Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit

Supporting Actor

Will Win: Christian Bale

Should Win: Geoffrey Rush

Major Upset Win: Mark Ruffalo

Dark Horse: John Hawkes

Should Not Win: Christian Bale (I am SOOOOO tired of this guy)

Honor to be Nominated Win: Jeremy Renner (I loved The Town but it got no love this season)

Not Nominated but Should Still Win: Andrew Garfield for The Social Network

Supporting Actress

Will Win: Melissa Leo

Should Win: Hailee Steinfeld

Major Upset Win: Helena Bonham Carter

Dark Horse: Amy Adams

Should Not Win: All of these women did an amazing job and have earned it

Honor to be Nominated Win: Jackie Weaver

Not Nominated but Should Still Win: Barbara Hershey for Black Swan (Mila Kunis was amazing too)

Best Picture

Will Win: The King’s Speech

Should Win: The Social Network

Major Upset Win: Toy Story 3

Dark Horse: Black Swan

Should Not Win: The Kids Are All Right

Honor to be Nominated Win: Winter’s Bone

Not Nominated but Should Still Win: torn between Blue Valentine and The Town

Other Predictions

Directing: The Social Network; Adapted Screenplay: The Social Network; Original Screenplay: The Kings Speech; Animated Feature: Toy Story 3; Documentary Feature: Exit through the Gift Shop; Original Score: The Social Network; Original Song: Toy Story 3; Animated Short: Day and Night; Visual Effects: Inception



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