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Hop: A Little Bunny with Big Dreams

Hop” may be the greatest Easter movie ever!

Wait, “Hop” may be the only Easter movie ever – I guess it wins by default.

E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand) lives on Easter Island (naturally) and comes from a long line of Easter Bunnies.  His father (voiced by Hugh Laurie) is about to pass down the torch to his young heir but E.B. has other aspirations. He wants to be a famous drummer, so he packs his bags and hightails it for Hollywood.

In Hollywood, E.B. quickly runs into Fred O’Hare (Hare, get it?), or actually Fred (Jason Marsden) runs into him, and the two form a reluctant friendship. E.B.’s big break is just around the corner as he auditions for David Hasselhoff. But there’s trouble back home as a power-hungry chick (voiced by Hank Azaria) stages a coup and Fred gets himself kidnapped by the super adorable Pink Berets. However will it end?

Okay, I would love to be all cynical and sarcastic about the weak story and the sugary aftertaste the ending left in my mouth, but I can’t. This could be due to the fact that I watched it with my eight and eleven-year-old cousins because honestly, now that I think about it, a rabbit that poops jelly beans doesn’t sound half as funny as it seemed in the theater.

Anywho, “Hop” does have some good laughs. The majority of those are provided by Brand who’s E.B. walks a fine line between heartwarming and annoying. Marsden’s Fred is a sweet, yet directionless schlub whose only job is to react to the CGI bunny, which he does quite well. Although, I just kept thinking that Cyclops would not put up with that crap.

There’s also a few laughs for those in the audience who don’t use a booster seat. Such as Hugh Hefner turning away E.B. for being the “wrong kind of bunny.” Or E.B. faking his own death in a pot of boiling water a la “Fatal Attraction.”

The story may need a little work, because, lets be honest, Easter will never be as big a Christmas. Even though they try really, really hard to make it seem that way. (For some reason the Easter Bunny drives a sleigh pulled by chicks. I’m just saying.)

Overall, I had a good time and enjoyed the top-notch animation. “Hop” is sweet, if totally lacking in substance, not unlike a marshmallow Peep. Fortunately, I love Peeps.




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