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Do you know what I’ve discovered?

There aren’t that many 4th of July movies. Sure there are lots of movies that are set during the summer so you get an obligatory backyard BBQ and fireworks, but not that many movies that are actually about Independence Day.

But there are a good handful of films out there that only make sense to watch on America’s birthday. They are:

National Treasure
Nicholas Cage may not be able to turn down a script which has cause him to turn out some real crappers in recent years, but I really liked this historical treasure hunt. It was fun! Cage running around New York, Philadelphia and DC trying to find the greatest treasure man has ever seen – it makes you reevaluate our forefathers and everything we ever learned in history class. Plus Justin Bartha, as Cage’s assistant Riley, is adorable.

So this movie isn’t about America or Independence Day so much as it is about a giant malfunctioning mechanical shark terrorizing a fictitious New England town but it’s the best way to celebrate summer. Amity Island is the perfect quaint resort town that tourists flock to for the summer and the beach is the perfect place celebrate.

Independence Day
Aliens. Awesome. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum kicking alien ass. Awesomer. Bill Pullman as president. Awesomest. His motivational speech brings a tear to my eye and makes me damn proud to be an American!




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