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Boys don’t get to have all the fun, sometimes it’s up to the woman to take charge and carry the film. Here are some of my favorite movies with a strong female lead.

Easy A
Olive Pendergast is a modern day Hester Prynn in this “Scarlet Letter” re-telling. She’s smart, funny, and takes control of her own web of lies when they get too out of control.

Thelma and Louise
Tired of their run-of-mill, humdrum lives, these girls go on the road and become masters of their own destinies.

10 Things I Hate About You
Kat Stratford is a tough as nails high schooler who knows exactly what she wants and won’t let anyone stand in her way.

Kill Bill
Something was stolen from Beatrix Kiddo (a.k.a. The Bride, a.k.a. Black Mamba) and she won’t rest till she gets it back and revenge on those who took it from her.

She may not be the best role model but Juno MacGuff isn’t afraid to stand-out in a crowd.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish)
Lisbeth Salander may not pass the Bechdel Test but she is still one of the strongest female leads in recent cinema history.

Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ellen Ripley kicks all sorts of alien ass!

Hit Girl is a pint-size super hero with a mouth as sharp as her weapons.

Harry Potter
She may not be the titular character, but where would Harry be without Hermione Granger? Stuck repeating his first year of potions, that’s where.

Erin Brockovich
She may not have a college education or know who the father of her children is, but she knows what’s right and how to help those who have been wronged.



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