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Abe Lincoln: One Badass Vamp Hunter

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if one of our presidents had been a badass vampire hunter in his younger days? Well wonder no more thanks to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

This movie was slightly, epically ridiculous. But in a really enjoyable way!

Based on the book by the same name, “ALVH” tells the tale of Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) in his younger days, before he was president and just your average abe going around killing vamps. After his mother is killed by one of the bloodsuckers he vows revenge. He meets Henry (Dominic Cooper), a mysterious stranger, who shows him the ins and outs of vamp hunting.

After getting his revenge, Abe lays down his silver-coated axe and leaves Henry behind to follow greater political pursuits. However, while fighting the Civil War he finds himself up against the mother of all biting baddies Adam (Rufus Sewell), and has to return to his hunting ways.

Okay, so lets get the big criticisms of this movie out of the way. Everyone seems up in arms about the historical accuracy of this movie. Seriously people?! It’s called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” what were you expecting? Anything after his name and the fact that he became president, that was remotely close to historical fact I considered a coincidence.

He grew up in Illinois? Sounds good. He marries a woman named Mary Todd? Interesting. There’s a big war in Gettysburg? Fascinating. It’s not a new spin on our 16th president, so much as a completely fictitious story about a guy who happens to be named Abraham Lincoln. If you can ignore everything you learned about Lincoln in school, you’ll be just fine.

Now on to the good stuff.

This movie was a lot of fun! It’s well cast, has a good soundtrack, well done effects, and killer action sequences. The story is crazy and this is definitely a summer blockbuster that doesn’t require any deep thought on the audience’s part. It’s meant for you to sit back and enjoy.

The look and tone of this entire movie is great. It’s an incredibly stylized version of the 1800’s, obviously. But I didn’t have a problem with that. I imagine the movie not taking place in our history, so much as an entirely alternate universe. You have to suspend belief to really get into it.

You have to with any sci-fi movie. And all vampire movies make up their own rules anyway so you just have to sit back and go with it. The vamps here are easy to spot because they’re the ones in the 19th century Ray-Bans.

The fight sequences here are outrageous. At one point, Abe and a vamp are fighting in the middle of a horse stampede. They’re leaping from horse to horse like stepping stones and then the vampire starts swinging the horses around by their legs and throwing them at good ole Abe.

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is just what it needs to be, perfect summer entertainment. It’s got action and humor, and doesn’t forget the story. I definitely enjoyed my time.



5 thoughts on “Abe Lincoln: One Badass Vamp Hunter

  1. I had a blast and a half at that movie, so you definitely made a good call here. Huge on the entertainment, but extra light on the “good” factor.

    Omg, when he put the ax away and the music was all like awesome and his silhouette looked all badass – yeah!

    Posted by JustBolger | June 29, 2012, 1:02 am


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