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The Fantastical “Unicorn City”

Do you know what may be the greatest creature that ever lived? That’s right, the unicorn.

What was once considered an imaginary creature for little girls, is now widely accepted as a mythical beast that grown men and women (and gamers and LARPers) can salute without fear of ridicule. And if you agree with any of what I’ve said, “Unicorn City” is the movie for you.

Voss (Davin McGinn) is a diehard gamer. Instead of doing silly things like going to work at his brother’s taco cart or paying his rent he spends his days developing his character for a D&D style game and playing with his guild. When he gets an interview for his dream job with a game development company they think he lacks leadership skills for the position. His given one week to prove he has what it takes.

He does what any rational, mature adult would do, he creates a real life gamer utopia where the citizens literally become their characters. Welcome to Unicorn City, where you are who you pretend to be!

This is a smaller film that was never given a chance to find a wide audience. It’s an indie film, but its high production value makes it feel anything but. The actors do a great job of making their world come alive, for the audience and their characters (and characters’ characters).

The humor builds slow and has some really funny laugh-out-loud moments. It’s an original script, which is something of an oddity in today’s market. This movie has everything, laughs, adventure, and lots of heart that anyone can relate to, and a centaur. Everything that happens to the characters feels like it has a purpose and culminates in an ending that everyone can enjoy.

This movie isn’t for everyone, only the super cool awesome people. A lot of people would be turned off the the LARPing storyline but that’s a mistake because the theme of the film applies to everyone. At its heart “Unicorn City” is about finding an outlet for everyday frustrations and discovering your passions.

Gamers and Non-gamers alike can find refuge in “Unicorn City.”




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