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“Hit and Run” Away

If I had to sum up the movie “Hit and Run” in one word it wouldn’t be bad, or terrible, or unnecessary, (even though those are all accurate); it would be wasteful.

It’s a waste of a good idea, a talented cast, and the audiences time.

Dax Shepard, who also writes and directs, stars as Charlie Bronson, a former getaway driver who is now in witness protection after testifying against his ex-partners. He’s living a quiet life in a small town until his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) gets her dream job in Los Angeles. He has to decide between leaving protection or losing the girl. What’s a guy to do?

Not long after leaving town in his suped-up Lincoln Continental everyone is on the road looking for the pair. That “everyone” includes the federal marshall assigned to protect Charlie (Tom Arnold), Annie’s ex-boyfriend (Michael Rosenbaum) who’s convinced Charlie is a psychopath and going to kill Annie, and Charlie’s old friends (lead by Bradley Cooper).

I love everyone in this cast. Besides the main cast already mentioned, you’ll also see Kristen Chenoweth, Sean Hayes, Beau Bridges, and David Koechner. Also a small cameo by Jason Bateman. What the hell are all these people doing in such a shitty movie?

I really liked the plot of this movie too. It may not be the most original but it could still be fun. It was just executed so poorly. I’ve had a tiny crush on Shepard since the first episode of “Punk’d” nearly a decade ago, but as a writer/ director … I’m a little disappointed. The script was ridiculous, in a bad way.

So many little things are thrown in that make no sense and are never explained. They don’t serve the plot at all and have no place in the film. I can overlook that if it’s funny, but it wasn’t. The characters are ludicrous and so over-the-top unrealistic they’re just absurd.

The shining light in all this was the soundtrack, which was a little cliche, but good music is good music and it made this crappy roadtrip action “comedy” tolerable.

I always hold out hope for movies released at the end of summer but they never fail to disappoint me. In general, August is dump-the-crap month for movie studios and “Hit and Run” isn’t the exception to that rule. The cars weren’t even that pretty.




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