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The Trouble with “The Curve”

OMG! Please allow the 12-year-old girl in me to freak out a bit, Justin Timberlake has a new movie out! So excited!

Wait, who’s this old dude in like, every scene? Where’s JT?

Okay, slightly less excited. Let’s be honest … way less excited.

Trouble with the Curve” is not the story about a young baseball scout (Timberlake) falling in love with the daughter of his mentor. It is the story of an aging baseball scout Gus (Clint Eastwood) who’s trying to do his job while fighting new technologies, his decaying eyesight, and his estranged daughter Mickey (Amy Adams).

Gus is on a scouting mission for the Atlanta Braves and, like all stubborn old men, thinks nothing is wrong with him and he can do his damn job without help. Mickey, a workaholic lawyer about to make partner, is worried about her father so she goes to meet him on the road and help him. Gus is less than enthusiastic about this.

There’s baseball, and bonding, and oh yea, Timberlake is in there too being his charming charismatic self trying to flirt with Mickey.

This movie has its high points, but also plenty of lows for me. It has a good cast and I like the story, just not the way it was told. I knew this wasn’t going to be a Justin Timberlake movie but a girl can dream right?

Eastwood is a mean old man, he’s always a mean old man, doesn’t matter what movie he’s in he plays the exact same mean old man. The story gets bogged down in his crankiness and slows the pace down too much. And some of the scenes between Gus and Mickey and big reveals about their backstory felt out of order to me. There wasn’t a natural flow to the storyline.

Adams and Eastwood have a really good relationship and play off of each other well. They feel like a real father-daughter. John Goodman pops up in a few scenes and is always dependable. And all fangirling aside, Timberlake is proving to be a really good actor.

One thing “Trouble with the Curve” has going for it is the ending. I won’t spoil it, but a lot of my negative feelings were eased by the ending. Predictable? A little. Heartwarming? Definitely.

I really wanted to like this movie more. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s because Timberlake was so underused, maybe Eastwood is too mean. It was a decently made movie, just not for me.




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