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Bad Ideas: Seeing “Paranormal Activity 4”

I have never felt the need to go see any of the “Paranormal Activity” movies. NEVER!

So why did I go see “Paranormal Activity 4” you might ask? Well, my good friend asked me to go and I hadn’t seen her in awhile and … I hate myself. Now, I also hate her a little bit. (Just kidding Carli)

If you haven’t seen the first three, don’t worry, neither have I, but I’ll try and catch you up. There’s a woman named Katie. She’s possessed. There, you’re caught up.

The movie focuses on an upper-middle class suburban family. A creepy kid moves in across the street and weird things start happening at their house. Alex, the teenage daughter, sets up hidden cameras around the house to catch the freaky happenings. She catches a lot! And now her little brother keeps acting weirder and weirder.

Butcher knives go missing, demonic symbols start appearing, chandeliers fall, doors open, Katie appears, and lots of things go bump in the night.

It’s hard to give a full review of this movie since I watched most of it peeking through my fingers. I also missed some dialog because I was too busy cursing at Carli.

I was scared, so it did it’s job, but I’m also a wuss. The last five minutes were the most terrifying and the rest of the film was me psyching myself out.

I was so tense and nervous I felt queasy, and the shaky, handheld camera didn’t help that.

The best part of the whole thing was Ben, Alex’s boyfriend. He was funny and I was genuinely upset when the possessed lady killed him. Oops, spoiler alert.

From my understanding, this installment is just like the first three. If you enjoyed those, you’ll probably like this one too. From my experience, I learned that I should always trust my gut and when I haven’t missed much by ignoring this franchise. Also, I’m never letting Carli pick the movie again.



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