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Bilbo and the 13 Dwarves … and Their Beards

12-dwarves-hobbitAs someone who was dragged to the first “Lord of the Rings” and hated it so they didn’t bother to see the other two, the fact that I voluntarily went to “The Hobbit” says a lot about the power of a good trailer.

I’m still not totally sold on the franchise. I didn’t rush out of the theater wanting to read the books or give “LOTR” another shot. I did like this movie more … and I’ll probably go see the others. I like fantasy, but J.R.R. Tolkien is no J.K. Rowling.

“The Hobbit” is about an hour too long and considering how slow it is to get going, a fair amount could have been cut out. Some of the CGI creatures are more impressive than others. (Some are just really, REALLY gross.) And there are a some pretty good fight scenes.

But there was one thing that really impressed me about “The Hobbit” … all that facial hair on those adorable dwarves.

I love the dwarves! They are my favorite and don’t get near enough screen time. Why is so much time spent on Bilbo? Give me Fili and Kili and the fat ginger and the angry bald one and the one with the awesome hat!

Screw “The Hobbit” trilogy. Peter Jackson’s next epic should be “Dwarves: The Musical.” It would be a singing, dancing, bearded masterpiece! Some may talk about the beautiful scenery, I’d like to talk about all that beautiful hair.

Blonde, Black, Brown, Gray, White, Red, so many colors, so many shades. Not to mention all the textures. There’s bushy mustaches and windswept locks. And oh the braids! I can’t help but wonder, “How do they do that?”

Bombur has a braided hair necklace. Nori has a tri-beard. Bofur has this whole Pippi Longstocking thing going on. And the hair the Dwalin lacks on his head, he more than makes up for on his chinny-chin-chin. It’s all very impressive.

Thorin, the dwarf king

Thorin, the dwarf king

And while Kili may have the pretty boy face (the hair’s not too shabby either) it’s Thorin that the most beautiful mane was reserved for. Dark, long, flowing locks fit for a king. They give him a regal air and make him one gorgeous dwarf.

“The Hobbit” wasn’t a total waste of time. There was a solid hour, maybe hour and a half of entertainment. It’s more fun than “LOTR,” helped largely by the dwarves, and that’s what I like about it.

But could someone please teach Peter Jackson how to edit before the next one?



4 thoughts on “Bilbo and the 13 Dwarves … and Their Beards

  1. the power of a beard, do not underestimate it. No Shave Never.

    Posted by paulheels | December 26, 2012, 6:05 am


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