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Les MizzzzZZ

All I knew about “Les Miserables” going in was that it’s a musical about the French Revolution. After, that’s still, pretty much all I know.

Les Mis” follows Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) over about two decades, from his release from prison to his death. There’s lots of other people in there and fighting and singing, but that’s pretty much the jist. Wolverine steals, sings, runs, and dies.

In high school, I wasn’t a theater kid, or a choir kid. I was, and still am, a movie kid. I’m going to blame that fact for why I couldn’t enjoy this. It wasn’t a movie adaptation so much as watching the Broadway show with better sets.

Les-Miserables-2012-Movie-Image1-600x401Not that I don’t like plays and musicals, it’s just not what I wanted when I went in.

This was a well made movie and does a lot of things right that I can appreciate. The costumes and makeup are beautiful. And I was really impressed by the singing and acting of the cast. Anne Hathaway, as Fantine, gives an outstanding performance. As does newcomer Samantha Barks as Éponine.

I just never connected with any of the characters. I didn’t care about them. The deaths for some of them (Russell Crowe’s Javert) could not come soon enough.

Also, the singing, as good as it was, was constant. Something else I wasn’t prepared for after watching other movie musical adaptations.

My favorite scene was watching Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as the innkeepers during “Master of the House.” They’re characters are written as the comedic relief and that’s exactly what they are. But what is that really saying, when Borat is your favorite part of a movie.

“Les Miserables” is a good movie. It’s just not for me. I was bored and couldn’t care less about anything or anyone on the screen.

If you were a theater kid, you’ll love it. But give me “Mamma Mia” and “Sweeney Todd.”



One thought on “Les MizzzzZZ

  1. ‘“Les Miserables” is a good movie. It’s just not for me.’

    couldn’t agree more, it’s just one of those where I recognized the quality and occasionally was pretty taken with some of the performances, but my dislike of musicals just made the whole thing feel much longer than it needed to

    Posted by r361n4 | January 1, 2013, 5:00 pm

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