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2013 Best/Worst Movies

frozenLooking back on this year’s films it was a pretty decent year.

I saw about 30 movies in the theater this year (which is a paltry sum compared to my normal numbers). Of those, the majority were … solid; not spectacular, but not horrific either.

There were of course a few that stood out in both those categories for me. So without further ado, here are my top 5 (+1 honorable mention) and bottom 3 films of 2013.

The best: (In release date order)

Iron Man 3: Robert. Downey. Jr. ‘nuff said.

Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare never sounded this modern or cool.

The Way, Way Back: A fantastic cast on the top of their game and I may have a not so tiny crush on Sam Rockwell’s character still.

Thor 2: I saw this movie more times than any other this year and it never got old.

Frozen: Sweet, funny, Disney princesses, cute songs, and so many feels.


Honorable mention:

What Maisie Knew: Heartbreaking story about a little girl caught in the middle of a bitter divorce. I cried, cried some more, but walked away feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


The worst:

Movie 43: What. The Fuck. I … can’t even … words … no work. Can’t fathom how cast, writers, producers, directors, audiences allowed this to happen.

Safe Haven: Manipulative piece of overly sentimental crap. This is why chic flicks have the stigma they do. I blame you Nicholas Sparks!

The Wolverine: Just … disappointing. I really want to like a standalone Wolverine film. I just wish they were … better.

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There are a handful of movies I haven’t had a chance to see yet, due to scheduling or they’re in limited release and nowhere near my yet. I’m hoping I get to see them soon cause I hear good things about “Inside Llewyn Davis,” “American Hustle,” “August: Osage County,” and “Saving Mr. Banks.”

What were your favorite movies this year?



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