25 Day Christmas Movie Challenge

I love Christmas movies. There’s something comforting about them. I have my favorites that I watch every year without fail, but only in December because it just feels wrong to watch them the rest of the year.

Classic Christmas Childhood Favorite Never Gets Old
White Christmas (1954) Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) Home Alone (1990)

December 1: Favorite Classic Christmas
The plot of this movie is a little hokey but whatevs. Two GI’s return home and become a song-and-dance act, naturally. They meet a singing sister act and all go up to Vermont to save an inn, by singing and dancing. It’s Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney and it just makes me happy every season!
December 2: Childhood Favorite
Now, I haven’t watched this since I was probably 10 but I remember really, really loving it. I know it won’t hold up so that’s why I don’t go back.
December 3: Never Gets Old
I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this movie in my lifetime but it never gets old for me. I could watch Daniel Stern get an iron to the face over and over and over.

Most Overrated Most Underrated Most Heartwarming
A Christmas Story (1983) Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (2005) Love Actually (2003)

December 4: Most Overrated
Besides introducing the world to the “leg lamp” I’m not sure why people are so in love with this movie.
December 5: Most Underrated
Not only do I think this is an underrated Christmas movie, I think it’s an underrated movie in general. It’s Robert Downey Jr as a criminal mistaken for an actor and sent to Hollywood to learn from Val Kilmer how to be a detective. It should be a neo-noir classic Christmas film.
December 6: Most Heartwarming
“Love Actually” makes we feel all warm and gooey inside when I watch it. It’s sweet, and funny, and cute, and just what you want in the Christmas movie.

Best TV Special Why was this made? Favorite Unconventional
A Diva’s Christmas Carol (2000) Surviving Christmas (2004) The Ref (1994)

December 7: Best TV Special
VH1 made this special a while back and it’s pretty great. Vanessa Williams as Ebony, Kathy Griffin as Ghost of Christmas Past, Duran Duran’s John Taylor as Ghost of Christmas Present, and a “Behind the Music” as Ghost of Christmas Future. WIN!
December 8: Why was this made?
I’m not mad, just disappointed. I’m more angry at myself for paying money to go and see it. I should have known better. Avoid this movie at ALL costs.
December 9: Favorite Unconventional
To be fair, a lot of movies on this list are a bit unconventional and “The Ref” and “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” could probably flip-flop but both are awesome. Dennis Leary is hilarious and this kidnapper crook comedy is amazing.

Based on a Book One I Always Forget is Christmas Favorite Horror
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) While You Were Sleeping (1995) Gremlins (1984)

December 10: Based on a Book
As long as you can ignore the Jim Carrey massacre of this is perfect. Who doesn’t love a little Teddy Geisel action on Christmas.
December 11: One I Always Forget
Several times in this movie it’s mentioned that it’s Christmas and scenes involving Christmas trees, and presents, and family dinners, but somehow it doesn’t feel like a Christmas movie to me. Which is odd cause generally I’ll include any film set in December as one. Maybe I just get too distracted by Peter Gallagher’s eyebrow? Anyway, I still love this movie year round.
December 12: Favorite Horror
Gremlins, the gift that keeps on giving! The whole idea of a fat guy breaking and entering leaving gifts for children he sees when they’re sleeping is kinda creepy, so it makes sense for the holiday and horror genres to meet. “Gremlins” is my favorite for it’s campiness.

Saddest Favorite Animated Dysfunctional Family
The Snowman (1982) The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974) The Family Stone (2005)

December 13: Saddest
This wordless 27-minute animated short makes me cry every time I watch it. It’s sweet, sentimental, and a really beautiful and touching movie.
December 14: Favorite Animated
Rankin/Bass put out classic stop-motion animations almost yearly for about thirty years. Whether you prefer “Rudolph,” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” or “Frosty the Snowman” you can’t really go wrong. I like “The Year Without a Santa Claus for one reason, well two technically, the Miser Brothers (Heat and Snow) and their musical numbers.
December 15: Dysfunctional Family
Diane Keaton, as matriarch of the Stone family, leads an all-star cast, including: Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Luke Wilson. “The Family Stone” is a charming holiday comedy about a dysfunctional family coming together to celebrate the season.

Best Sequel Best Remake Most in Need of a Remake
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (2011) Miracle on 34th Street (1994) Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

December 16: Best Sequel
I didn’t want to like this movie but it got the best of me. This stoner comedy was awesome and the 3D only added to its greatness. It is the perfect addition to the christmas movie catalog. And Neil Patrick Harris is kinda my hero.
December 17: Best Remake
A lot of times I find remakes unneccesary. Primarily because people insist on remakeing movies that are already good instead of improving the bad ones. Anyway, maybe it’s because I saw this version first but I’ve really enjoyed this one since I saw it when it first came out because I was eight and it had Matilda, Mrs. Flintstone, and the old guy from “Jurassic Park.” Now, that I’m older and have seen the original, I still prefer this version because it has Matilda, Mrs. Flintstone, and the old guy from “Jurassic Park.”
December 18: Most in need of a Remake
Like I said, I’m generally not a fan of remakes but this one is in desperate need. Not that the original isn’t a classic, it is. It’s unique anyway. But imagine what Tim Burton could do with this! It’d be Santa Claus meets “Mars Attacks” with a dash of “Nightmare Before Christmas.” And as long as they keep the theme song from the original I’d be happy!

Best Elf Worst Santa Best Santa
Elf (2003) Bad Santa (2003) The Santa Clause (1994)

December 19: Best Elf
Will Ferrell, love him or hate him, is amazing as Buddy, a human raised by elves, searching for his real family in NYC. Watch it, if for nothing else than to see Peter Dinklage, aka Angry Elf, kicking the crap out of Ferrell in one of the movies’ best scenes.
December 20: Worst Santa
Slightly obvious choice but I don’t care. Billy Bob Thorton is the best worst Santa ever! He lies, cheats, steals, drinks, and swears like a sailor. Now that’s a Santa I can believe in.
December 21: Best Santa
What says lighthearted Christmas comedy more than mythical holiday figure homicide? Tim Allen is perfectly cast as an ordinary man who falls into gift-giving profession after Santa falls off his roof. Though reluctant at first, he masters the job the only way Allen knows how – with sarcasm and witty quips.

Christmas Carol Variation Favorite Bad Christmas
Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) Fred Claus (2007)

December 22: Christmas Carol Variation
There are approximately 20 gazillion versions of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” What makes this one my favorite? The Muppets, of course. Michael Caine, as the crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge, does some of his finest work along side Kermit and the rest of the gang.
December 23: Best Bad Christmas
“Fred Claus” is my guilty pleasure Christmas favorite. Maybe it’s just cause I have a soft spot for Vince Vaughn. This movie isn’t good … at all. But it has it’s moments and I have to watch it at least once every year.

Least Favorite All-Time Favorite
The Polar Express (2004) Die Hard (1988)

December 24: Least Favorite
I don’t care about your fancy technology or how cool you think motion capture and CGI animation is. “The Polar Express” characters look soulless and creepy! Plus, Tom Hanks is not a voice actor and hearing him voice every other character gets old really fast.
December 25: All-Time Favorite
Leave it to Bruce Willis to save us from another boring company Christmas party. He even brings gifts: The gift of sweet death to the bad guys. He’s just like Santa, except for the suit, sleigh, reindeer and elves. And I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight: Happy Christmas to all, and to all a yippee-ki-yay mother … you know the rest.

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