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Philip Seymour Hoffman: 5 Favorite Roles

With the sad passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman I’m reminded of some of his great works. Continue reading


A Salute to Chris Columbus

In honor of Columbus Day, I offer this short list on my favorite works by Christopher Columbus. Enjoy! Continue reading

Have you seen the one about … SPACE

This weekend “Prometheus” comes out. While I don’t really have any interest in seeing that one, there are lots of other movies about space out there that I love. These may not be the best quality films, they’re my favorite. Continue reading

Have you see the one about … FEMALE LEADS

Boys don’t get to have all the fun, sometimes it’s up to the woman to take charge and carry the film. Here are some of my favorite movies with a strong female lead. Continue reading

Have you seen the one about … MUSIC

There are movies. There is music. There are musicals. And then there are movies about music. Here are some of the best! In my humble opinion. Continue reading

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