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Have you seen the one about … DOCTORS

Here are some good medical movies and the best cinematical docs. Continue reading


Have you seen the one about… DYSFUNCTIONAL COUPLES

No where has more dysfunctional couples than Hollywood. The movies make us look at our lives and examine our relationships and see that things could always be much, MUCH worse. This Valentine’s Day snuggle up on the couch with your sweetie, pop in one of these films, and say to each other, “At least we’re not that bad.” Continue reading

Have you seen the one about… FRATS/ SOROITIES

Everyone knows the stereotype that goes along with College sororities and fraternities. Whether you believe them or not is another thing all together. I believe that they are the perfect setting for some great movies. Continue reading

Have you seen the one about…Santa

Santa’s been portrayed by many over the years but few have truly captured the essence of the real man in red. Here are the one’s that make the top of the list, both the naughty and the nice. Continue reading

have you seen the one about … INDEPENDENCE DAY

There aren’t that many 4th of July movies. Sure there are lots of movies that are set during the summer so you get an obligatory backyard BBQ and fireworks, but not that many movies that are actually about Independence Day. Continue reading

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