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My Personal Pixar Preferences

Pixar’s “Inside Out” was just released and since the thing to do whenever a new Pixar film comes out is to rank all the old ones I thought I’d add my list. Continue reading


Adventure in the Goondocks

I venture to Astoria, OR (aka the Goondocks) to celebrate the 29th anniversary of “The Goonies” with fans from around the world. Continue reading

Katniss, You Ignorant Slut

My problems with Katniss Everdeen’s character and how she’s not all the much better than Bella Swan. Continue reading

2013 Best/Worst Movies

Looking back on this year’s films it was a pretty decent year. I saw about 30 movies in the theater this year and here are my faves and not so faves. Continue reading

Horror Movie Rant

Now, the holiday of Halloween I could take it or leave it, it’s not my thing. But the horror genre has never appealed to me. Why is it so popular? Continue reading

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