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My Personal Pixar Preferences

Pixar’s “Inside Out” was just released and since the thing to do whenever a new Pixar film comes out is to rank all the old ones I thought I’d add my list. Continue reading


The Wonderful World of “Wreck-It Ralph”

Not into arcades? Don’t know anything about gaming? Been living under a rock for the past 30 years? It’s ok … you’re still gonna love “Wreck-It Ralph!” Continue reading

Pixar’s “Brave” Princess

Move over Cinderella and Snow and don’t be jealous Arielle; a new fiery redhead is joining the club. It’s time to meet Merida. Continue reading

Trailer Tuesday: Wreck-It Ralph

I’m really excited for this movie. Every time I watch the trailer I get a bit happier. Continue reading

“Pirates” Sails on Familar Tides

Remember when “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” came out eight years ago, and you thought, “Wow, Disney must be really scrapping the bottom of the barrel if they’re turning 50-year-old amusement park rides into major motion pictures?” Continue reading

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