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I (don’t really) Love “Lucy”

“Lucy” was … fine for what it was, it just wasn’t what I wanted. A female driven action/sci-fi flick could be amazing, this was not that. Continue reading


Looper Is Sci-Fi Action Done Right

“Looper” is smart and more than your average action movie. I highly recommend it for anyone who is a fan of good movies. It transports audiences into other unbelievable worlds but still grounded in believable ways. Continue reading

Abe Lincoln: One Badass Vamp Hunter

This movie was slightly, epically ridiculous. But in a really enjoyable way! Continue reading

The Role of the Sci-Fi Scientist

In 1902 Georges Méliès captured one the first images of scientists on film. “Le Voyage Dans la Lune” (Trip to the Moon), Méliès iconic film, captures the stereotypical scientist. They are older, have crazy hair and beards, glasses, in robes, etc. Continue reading

A Magical “Midnight in Paris”

Why live in the present when there are so many other era’s that are more appealing? It’s a film about enjoying the present and not getting wrapped up in a romanticized past. You only live once, so you might as well find the best in it. That’s what I took away from my “Midnight in Paris.” Continue reading

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